Birds of prey take down drones - level 3

Birds of prey take down drones - level 3

09-02-2016 07:00

Drones are certainly getting smaller and more capable, but can they outwit one of nature's most menacing airborne predators? The Dutch National Police are training a fleet of eagles to take down dangerous unmanned aircraft.

In the past, wild hawks have been known to snatch drones mid-flight, mistaking them for smaller birds. These incidents led researchers to assume that with professional training, birds of prey could serve a pretty useful purpose in helping to clear the skies of rogue aircraft.

And Dutch police have taken up the challenge with successful results.

The pilot project has its setbacks, however. In a few attempts, the birds have become hurt by the turning blades, and more research has been requested to make sure the animals will come to no harm. After which, the Dutch Police will decide whether or not to go ahead and deploy a fleet of drone-hunting eagles to keep watch over its skies.

Difficult words: capable (skilled), outwit (to out-think; to be smarter than), menacing (dangerous), fleet (an army), hawk, eagle (birds of prey), snatch (to catch), bird of prey (a big bird which catches and eats prey – an animal), rogue (bad), attempt (a try).


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