Black bears scare tourists - level 3

Black bears scare tourists - level 3

19-05-2015 15:00

This black bear and her three cubs chased a group of petrified tourists on a bridge in Yellowstone National Park. The video shows the bear bounding along the bridge with her cubs keeping up as the tourists tried to keep a safe distance. A man can be heard yelling,”Go, go!” while some people on the bridge kept taking photographs, even as the bear veered in their direction.

Parent bears are highly protective of their cubs and will attack if they feel threatened. People weren’t always as cautious of bears in the park – from 1910 to the 1960s, Yellowstone Park managers allowed visitors to feed black bears along the roads, although the National Park Service officially frowned on this activity.

Black bears soon became the symbol of Yellowstone.

Difficult words: cub (a young bear), petrified (very scared), bound (to walk or run with big steps), veer (to change direction suddenly), threatened (in danger), cautious (careful), frown on something (to disapprove of or not to be happy about something).


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