Black History Month - level 2

Black History Month - level 2

01-03-2016 15:00

Each February, the USA celebrates Black History Month. This February, the White House hosted events to celebrate African Americans.

In 2014, a 106-year-old African American woman wrote to the White House and said that she would love to meet Obama and his family. He heard her request.

The old woman, who is from South Carolina, lived through segregation and the civil rights movement. She waited 100 years to meet the first black president of the USA.

She was really happy when her dream came true. She even started dancing with the Obamas in the White House.

Difficult words: request (a wish), segregation (the situation in the USA when black people could not be together with white people), civil rights movement (a movement/protest for freedom and rights).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

What do you think about this woman’s visit?

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