BMW’s boss falls on stage - level 3

BMW’s boss falls on stage - level 3

22-09-2015 07:00

BMW was forced to bring it's showpiece to an abrupt halt this morning after its CEO collapsed on stage at the International Frankfurt Motor Show.

Harald Krueger was making his first major appearance since he was appointed as the car company’s boss in May. After collapsing just after 5 minutes into his speech, two assistants helped Krueger to his feet and escorted him off stage.

The company’s press conference was cancelled, so Mr Krueger could be checked by a doctor. A representative for BMW says the 49-year-old had suffered a moment of dizziness but is now stable and recovering well in hospital.

He is not expected to return to the show.

Difficult words: showpiece (something good which a company wants to show to people), abrupt (sudden), halt (stop), CEO (chief executive officer – the top-ranking person in a business), dizziness (being dizzy – losing one’s balance).


Has this ever happened to you?

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