Bomb in Bangkok - level 3

Bomb in Bangkok - level 3

24-08-2015 07:00

Dashcam footage has emerged showing the moment a bomb exploded near a popular Bangkok shrine on Monday evening. This video was recorded from inside a car. Thai police have said the death toll is 22 with 123 people wounded and that the blast was caused by a pipe bomb.

Students, relatives and others lit candles and brought flowers at the memorial for those who were killed. Nearly half of those who lost their lives in the blast were foreigners.

Thai authorities say they're now looking for a suspect seen on CCTV footage near the famous shrine where the blast took place.

No one has yet claimed responsibility, but it's this man in the yellow shirt who is now the focus of police interest. He walks out, leaving a backpack by the fence as tourists mill around.

The Thai government says the attack in the capital's commercial hub was aimed at destroying the economy. But with most attacks like this, so much more has been destroyed.

Difficult words: dashcam (a camera which is on the dashboard of a car – the flat area in front of the driver), footage (video), death toll (the number of people who died), pipe bomb (a home-made bomb which is in a pipe), blast (an explosion), CCTV (security camera), mill around (to move around), hub (centre).


What do you think about this explosion?

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