Bombs in a city - level 3

Bombs in a city - level 3

23-05-2013 14:00

A Syrian bomber drops its deadly payload over homes in a residential area near Damascus. Seconds later, the bombs explode, unleashing chaos on the streets, and sending a plume of fire and smoke into the sky.

The amateur footage said to have been shot in the town of Yabroud later shows the scene of devastation wrought by the airstrike with homes and shops reduced to rubble. Whether it was intended or not, the target appears to have been a residential apartment block. It is unclear if anyone was killed in that attack or in this one in nearby Douma where as the dust settles survivors including children began to emerge dazed and disorientated from the ruins of their homes.

The footage will put further pressure on London, Washington and Moscow to intervene in this civil war as the civilian death toll continues to rise and with growing suspicions that president Bashar al-Assad is not only using bombs against his own people, but chemical weapons as well.

Interesting words: payload (things carried by a plane), unleash (start), plume (cloud), wrought (caused), rubble (destroyed buildings), intend (want to do something), dazed (shocked and confused), intervene (become part of a fight), death toll (number of deaths), suspicion (feeling that something is wrong).

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