Boy between two walls - level 3

Boy between two walls - level 3

12-09-2013 14:00

Is it actually possible for so many children to get stuck in random places in China? We didn't think so, but yes, it's happened again.

This time a teenager got trapped between walls.

John got himself stuck in a tiny 25 centimetre-wide gap between the walls of two warehouses. The 16 year old told rescuers he dropped his Playstation portable and fell into the gap trying to pick it up.

John was more than four metres deep into the narrow space and started having trouble breathing. Local firefighters were called to the site and the team was so stuck, the only solution was to break the wall.

But two hours later, John was freed. He was pulled through a hole in the wall made near his leg.

After a brief examination, doctors gave him the all clear, confirming his condition as good.

Difficult words: random (different), warehouse (large building for storing things), brief (quick).

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