Boy didn’t pay his ticket - level 3, A11

Boy didn’t pay his ticket - level 3, A11

15-12-2011 23:00

Is it right or wrong? A big man threw a student off the train. It all happened in Scotland.

The boy didn’t have a valid ticket for his journey. The conductor wasn’t happy with it. He told the boy to get off the train. However, the boy didn’t want to get off the train. They argued for about 10 minutes. Everybody had to wait. The train couldn’t go because of the boy.

After 10 minutes the boy started using bad language. One passenger, a financial manager, who is a big man, had enough. He took the boy and threw him out of the train. The train could continue.

A lot of people saw this video on YouTube and there are very mixed reactions. Some people say that the big man did a right thing. Some people think that it wasn’t right. What do you think?

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: valid, conductor

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