Boy hears for the first time - level 3

Boy hears for the first time - level 3

24-06-2013 14:00

The moving moment that three-year-old Grayson hears his father's voice for the first time.

Grayson was born deaf but a successful surgery at the University of North Carolina means he can now hear.

The toddler received an auditory brainstem implant as part of a trial at the hospital. They were testing him to see if the implants could work for children as they are already used on adults. Doctors used a type of hearing implant that was placed directly on his brainstem. Grayson is the first child in the US to receive the brain implant and will now have several years of therapy to improve his hearing and speech.

Interesting words: deaf (not able to hear), auditory (connected with hearing), brainstem (part of your brain).

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