Boy sleepwalks into the woods - level 3

Boy sleepwalks into the woods - level 3

08-12-2014 15:00

A toddler is recovering in hospital in Poland after he was found unconscious in the woods in freezing temperatures.

The two-year-old boy, whose name is Adam, was found face down in a pile of leaves next to a creek, only wearing socks and a pyjama top.

The boy’s body temperature had fallen to 12°C when he arrived in hospital, and his heart was beating once every few dozen seconds, but luckily, doctors expect him make a full recovery.

“The boy has woken up from a coma. He’s been awake since yesterday evening. We’ve managed to establish intellectual contact with him, contact you can have with a two-year-old boy. There is contact with him. He’s a smart kid. I have full courage to call it a miracle. Nobody will take it away from me, but the experts can argue on that. To me, it is a miracle.”

It’s thought the child was sleepwalking and left his grandmother’s house between the hours of 3 and 5 am and wandered into the woods where temperatures had dropped to -7 degrees overnight.

Difficult words: toddler (a young child who is just beginning to walk and talk), unconscious (not awake), pile (a large amount), creek (a narrow river), coma (when the body goes into a type of sleep that it cannot wake up from for a long time), establish (to have), courage (bravery), miracle (when something very good and not explained happens), wander (to move without a reason to go somewhere).


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