Boy under a car - level 3

Boy under a car - level 3

18-07-2013 06:00

Police are still looking for the driver of this people carrier after he backed into the woman pushing the buggy and then drove away.

The woman was with her one-year old son in the parking lot of a store in Muskegon in Western Michigan, when she was knocked off her feet by the car.

The driver continued to move around the parking lot, dragging the baby in the buggy before stopping briefly so the woman could get her child. Once the woman had the baby in her arms the man proceeded to drive off.

The baby wasn't injured and the mother suffered a scraped knee. Police have released the video in the hope the public will help them identify the driver.

Interesting words: people carrier (bigger personal car), back (move backwards), buggy (light pushchair), drag (pull). scraped (scratched).

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