Boy who can fly - level 3

Boy who can fly - level 3

19-09-2013 06:00

Training for take-off. Duoduo climbs into the front of his plane and gets to grips with the controls, his feet only just reaching the pedals while his father shouts final instructions.

He's just five years old and flying a plane at 1,000 feet on the outskirts of Beijing. A solo record attempt instigated by his father or "Eagle Dad" as he wants to be called.

Duoduo has endured his fair share of extreme challenges. The pair had to be rescued after trying to climb Mount Fuji. Last year, he filmed his son, forced to do exercises in -13 Celsius in his pants.

Liesheng extols the virtues of so called "Eagle Education." But is this tough parenting or child abuse?

"A child can only really exercise their body and willpower under harsh conditions. It's up to the parents to decide what kind of person they become."

"Eagle Dad" says he plans to push Duoduo even further by hiking across Tibet.

Difficult words: outskirts (the outer parts of a city), instigate (started and organised), extol (likes and respects very much), virtue (moral rules).

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