Bra saved a woman’s life - level 3

Bra saved a woman’s life - level 3

12-02-2015 15:00

A Brazilian woman is lucky to be alive after her bra prevented a stray bullet from entering her body close to her heart.

Ivete Medeiros was caught in bullet crossfire after a thief open fired in the City of Belém.

Instead of piercing through her skin, the bullet became embedded in the wire of Ivete’s bra. She said she thought to herself, “There’s no blood. I wasn’t hit,” but then a few minutes later started to feel some stinging. Her husband said he feared for the worst, thinking she was going to die. Security camera footage shows the robbery as it unfolded.

Ivete recounted the confusion that ensued when her husband announced that she’d been shot in the heart.

She said that she unwittingly stepped into the line of fire when she left the supermarket after hearing rumours of a nearby robbery.

Ivete also said that while she believes it was God who saved her, she also felt her trusty bra played an important role.

Difficult words: prevent (to stop), stray bullet (a bullet which hit something other than the original target), crossfire (area where bullets fly), pierce (to cut through), embedded (fixed), wire (thin metal), stinging (a sharp, burning pain), unfold (to happen), recount (to tell what happened), confusion ( not knowing what’s happening), ensue (to happen after something), unwittingly (by accident), rumour (information which may or may not be true), trusty (good and reliable).


Amazing, isn't it?

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