Brave man in a shop - level 3

Brave man in a shop - level 3

16-10-2013 14:00

This CCTV security footage was released this week. It shows a deli worker in New York, fighting off a masked gunman with a machete.

The incident happened in September. The armed robber is caught on camera entering the deli, which is in Long Island. After pointing the gun at the clerk, the robber fires a shot to the right of him; before appearing to demand that he put the money in his backpack. However, the man behind the till has other ideas. He can be seen reaching down and grabbing a large machete from beneath the counter, before charging after the gunman.

He reportedly chased the balaclava-clad gunman through the car park but the robber managed to get away.

The store owner said he started keeping the machete behind the counter only a month ago “for protection.”

Suffolk County Police are still looking for the suspect.

Difficult words: deli (shop selling cooked meat, cheeses etc.), machete (big knife), clerk (shop assistant), till (cash register), charge (run to attack), balaclava (piece of cloth that covers your head and neck), clad (clothed).

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