Brave passengers on a bus - level 3

Brave passengers on a bus - level 3

02-01-2014 14:00

What started off as a typical bus journey in Seattle turned out to be a heroic victory for passengers after they pinned an armed robber to the floor.

These shocking pictures show the moment a hooded man began waving a gun and making threats. That is until one man, oblivious to his surroundings, has a gun pointed in his face and suddenly wrestles the criminal to the ground.

Other passengers join in restraining the robber holding him down until the police turn up while some scramble away from the danger.

Local media reports that the nineteen-year-old man has been charged with first degree robbery.

Difficult words: pin (hold somebody so they cannot move), oblivious (not knowing what is happening around him), restrain (control), turn up (arrive), scramble (move quickly), first degree robbery (robbery with a deadly weapon).

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