Brazilian Jungle Marathon - level 3

Brazilian Jungle Marathon - level 3

21-10-2014 15:00

Could this be the toughest marathon ever? It's hot, sweaty and involves jaguars.

Yes, it's the annual Jungle Marathon which takes place in a Brazilian rainforest, and it involves extreme humidity as well as water crossings, swamps and hundreds of creepy jungle bugs.

If that wasn't enough to put you off, one part of the marathon is called Jaguar Alley where runners are only allowed to enter in groups of two or more due to the high population of jaguars.

A total of 65 runners from 17 countries were at the start of the line in the Amazon jungle but only 26 finished the 275 kilometre course.

One runner described what kept him going to the finish line.

“Over the last couple of days, I’m just, there's nothing left to me. I basically feel like a bomb on stilts. If there is anything that carries me right now, it's just my own internal drive.”

Now in its 10th year, the winner was legendary, ultra-runner Widy Grego from Guadeloupe.

Difficult words: jaguar (a dangerous, big cat that has spots), annual (happening every year), humidity (the amount of water in the air), swamp (an area of low-lying, uncultivated ground where water collects), alley (a narrow passageway), due to (because of), population (group of living things), bomb on stilts (he feels very tired and sore), internal (coming from the inside of your body or your mind), drive (an inner need, desire to do something), ultra-runner (person who does extreme running).


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