Brazilian woman in danger - level 3

Brazilian woman in danger - level 3

11-11-2014 07:00

In a dramatic rescue, Brazilian police have saved a woman who was held hostage at knife-point.

A man grabbed a woman outside the government headquarters in the capital city of Brasilia and held two large knives to her throat. He was using a parked car to protect his back.

Shocking pictures from a Brazilian TV station show the man threatening the woman with knives, as police move in on him.

Police negotiators can be seen trying to talk the man down, when suddenly police open fire, hitting him with rubber bullets.

The hostage escaped and she was taken to hospital. Luckily, she was unharmed.

The suspect was taken immediately into police custody.

Police said that before he had taken the woman hostage, the man was trying to get into government headquarters.

Difficult words: grab (take roughly), headquarters (main official building), move in on (take action), negotiator (a person who talks to somebody and makes them do something) talk down (calm somebody and make him change his mind by talking to him).


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