Bridge in India collapses – level 3

Bridge in India collapses – level 3

08-04-2016 15:00

From normality to tragedy. Running for their lives as a partly constructed bridge collapsed onto a busy street in India. At least 15 people killed and more than 100 feared trapped under the rubble in the bustling Bara Bazar in Kolkata.

The destruction sparking a frantic rescue operation. Locals and professionals using their bare hands to free people pinned under steel and cement.

This man said he heard a loud bang as the overpass came crashing down. He says he feels lucky to be alive.

Residents turned fire fighters, doing anything they could to get people out alive. The flyover, which has been under construction since 2009, now broken in half. Emergency services were hampered by gridlocked traffic and heavy lifting equipment suffered restricted access because of nearby buildings, all slowing down the desperate search for survivors.

Difficult words: trapped (unable to move), rubble (pieces of a broken building), spark (start), frantic (shocked, unorganised), hamper (delay, hold back), gridlocked (not moving), desperate (distressed).


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