Bubble football - level 3

Bubble football - level 3

24-01-2014 14:00

This may seem a slightly unusual way of gearing up for the new cricket season, but for these Hampshire County players a game of bubble football was part of their winter training.

The sportsmen donned giant inflatable bubble suits to have a kick about, bouncing their opponents off their feet.

The boisterous ball game was all part of the club’s aim to keep routine winter training fun by featuring a novel form of exercise one day a week.

Bubble football is a new craze which has swept across Europe in the last couple of years, becoming popular with stag parties and now sports clubs.

And it certainly proved to be a hit for these cricketers in more ways than one.

Difficult words: gear up (prepare), don (put on), kick about (move from place to place), bounce (move like a ball), boisterous (noisy, energetic and cheerful), novel (unusual and interesting), stag party (celebration for men held before a man’s wedding).

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