Buffalo in the streets - level 3

Buffalo in the streets - level 3

01-12-2014 07:00

A water buffalo has been on a rampage in China and injured 14 people, damaging vehicles in its path on Sunday.

China Central Television showed this security camera footage of the animal running through the streets and chasing after people in the Sichuan Province of southwest China.

The buffalo ran through the streets for about 40 minutes before police officers killed it by shooting it 10 times.

It's been reported that resident Liang Cuirong, who was wearing a red coat and happened to have a red bicycle, was trampled repeatedly by the animal.

The degree of seriousness of her injuries wasn't reported.

How the buffalo became loose on the streets of the city is still under investigation by local authorities.

Difficult words: rampage (period of violent and uncontrollable behaviour), footage (video), trample (to step heavily on something), repeatedly (again and again), degree (amount), seriousness (importance).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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