Building is a disc - level 3

Building is a disc - level 3

10-01-2014 06:00

This unusually shaped building in southern China has finally been completed. It’s the latest innovation of architect Joseph di Pasquale and is inspired by an ancient jade coin.

John Ma, the manager of an architecture firm, said the Jade Disc isn’t just beautiful, but also represents power, wealth and fantasy in Chinese culture. The reflection of the building forms a figure eight, a lucky number in China. Furthermore, the squares inside the building also reference the impossibility of putting a circle inside a square.

Not everyone likes the new construction, though, and it’s been criticised for being a crass symbol of wealth and nicknamed the “Copper Coin”. A local resident said he thinks the building is only for flashy rich people. The Jade Dics will house the Guandong Plastics exchange, where nearly 50 billion dollars worth of raw plastic materials and goods are traded annually.

Difficult words: jade (hard, typically green stone), wealth (large amount of money), figure (number), crass (stupid and offensive), flashy (people who want to be admired for having a lot of money), annual (happening once a year).

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