Building is a teapot - level 3

Building is a teapot - level 3

11-03-2014 15:00

Fancy an extra special cuppa? Well, why not head to a city in Eastern China where local residents welcomed a giant tea pot-shaped building.

The huge teapot is about as high as a 10-storey building and was designed to be a sales office by a real estate developer in Wuxi, becoming an impressive landmark for the city.

“I felt it looked like a mountain when I was driving up here from the back. As I drove closer, it was really a teapot. It is huge and it looks impressive. Apart from that, I just think it is very fun.”

Teapots made of red clay are one of the most popular traditional products in Wuxi, and this representative will be open to the public on March 16th.

Difficult words: fancy (would you like), cuppa (cup of tea), real estate developer (company that builds buildings), landmark (something easy to recognise), clay (ground).

What is the most interesting building in the world?

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