Bull hit a man - level 3

Bull hit a man - level 3

01-07-2013 14:00

The bullfighter lies on the ground, barely moving, seriously injured. He is picked up and swung around like a rag doll by the injured and riled animal.

And the attack doesn't stop when he's dropped to the floor, all the while the crowd is clearly distressed.

Alex Matamoro is rushed to hospital and miraculously is expected to fully recover. But these images from Chumbivilcas province will reignite the debate over whether Peru should ban bullfighting and bull runs. It remains part of the culture in this country and clearly there is a following. But for those who oppose it they say that is not a strong enough argument to continue what they call an outdated and cruel blood sport.

Interesting words: rag doll (a soft doll from pieces of cloth), riled (angry), reignite (start again), oppose (be against something).

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