Bull hits a man - level 3

Bull hits a man - level 3

23-07-2013 14:00

It's exhilarating, action-packed and utterly terrifying. And that's just for the participants who don't get gored by a raging 180 stone-bull (1,143 kilograms). For those who do it's also extremely painful and like a bull you may need a second stomach to watch what happens next to this unfortunate thrill-seeker.

The sixth day of the annual San Fermin fiesta saw one competitor fall under the hooves of an El Pila bull who didn't take too kindly to being chased down a narrow street by hundreds of drunk and banging men. The unnamed 31-year-old Spaniard, from Castellon, was gored three times as the bull tossed him around the road like a rag doll.

Other competitors looked on helplessly for some 30 seconds before one finally managed to drag the man free. Many of the participants dressed all in white for the ancient tradition with red handkerchiefs around their necks and drink all night before the early morning run. Although, it's safe to say this one may need more than just a few aspirin to beat his hangover.

Interesting words: exhilarating (making one happy), action-packed (full of activity), utterly (absolutely), raging (angry and dangerous), gore (stab with bull's a horn), toss (throw), rag doll (light doll from textile).

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