Bull in a pool - level 3

Bull in a pool - level 3

25-02-2014 15:00

Well, that dip in the pool was cut short! Yeah, a team of firefighter has rescued a bull from a swimming pool in Texas after it escaped from a local ranch.

The bull was first spotted having a stroll around a neighbourhood in San Antonio. It then wandered into the back garden of this house and fell backwards into the pool.

“It fell in the pool down here in the deep end, and they got it pulled over to the end and just kept its head above the water. And then it got out.”

Luckily though, people were quick to come to the rescue.

“Well, I’ve never pulled a bull out of a pool. I’ve pulled a couple of donkeys out of a well and a mule out of a well.”

Officials said several cows escaped from the ranch several days ago.

Difficult words: dip (quick swim), cut something short (interrupt something), spot (see), stroll (to walk somewhere in a slow relaxed way), wander (walk without a direction), mule (offspring of a donkey and a horse).

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