Bulls in the streets in Spain - level 3, A12

Bulls in the streets in Spain - level 3, A12

19-07-2012 18:00

Get ready yet to run. These half-ton bulls are racing through the streets of Pamplona in Spain as part of the San Fermin Festival. Daredevil sprinters chase alongside the animals that some not so lucky runners can’t keep up. They get caught in the stampede.

In amidst the fun, the danger is very real. Every year over 200 runners are injured, some trampled by the bulls and other scored by their horns.

The last person to die from injuries was back in 2009. A total of 15 people have been killed since the festival began in 1924.


Words from a higher level: daredevil (brave), chase (run after), stampede (running in panic), amidst (in the middle of), trample (step heavily on something), score (mark with something sharp).

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