Bus drivers in Paraguay - level 3

Bus drivers in Paraguay - level 3

05-09-2013 06:00

Going to the extremes to get heard, as a group of Paraguayan bus drivers nail themselves to crosses demanding their jobs back.

Eight drivers, including one of their wives, have all been "crucified" to wooden boards to highlight their plight, which reportedly saw them fired after demanding better pay and conditions.

"I'd like to make a special call to the president to please come and see the inhumane situation we are going through. I am joining in today, tomorrow it will be another mum and the following day, it could be another because we have to defend our rights."

Their former employer has agreed to reinstate five of them whilst helping the remaining three find new jobs. But the group insists they’ll remain crucified until they've been all reinstated.

Difficult words: nail (attach something with nails), demand (want), plight (difficult situation), inhumane (extremely cruel), reinstate (give them their jobs back).

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