Bus in a house - level 3

Bus in a house - level 3

08-11-2013 06:00

A group of children took a slightly different route home on their way from school after their school bus crashed into a house in Texas.

The bus was carrying 25 children when the brakes apparently failed, leaving five people injured.

Two children on the bus, as well as one child inside the house suffered minor injuries and have been taken to hospital.

The bus was returning children home from Fort Sam Houston Elementary School when it crashed into a house in the military housing area in central San Antonio on Friday.

A substitute teacher and a driver were also hurt. The driver has been hospitalised, but remains in a stable condition.

Difficult words: route (way), brakes (part of the car which makes the go car slowly or stop), suffer (experience), minor (small), substitute teacher (teacher who teaches when the regular teacher can’t), stable (not getting worse).

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