Buy a village in England – level 3

12-04-2016 15:00

If you’ve got 20 million pounds to spare and have always wanted to own a village, well, you’ve finally got your chance.

Yes, a 21-bedroom mansion house in need of some renovation, 2116 acres of land, 43 houses and cottages – all of which are let, the village pub and restaurant, a petrol station, the sports fields, the playing fields and more – are all up for grabs in North Yorkshire.

It doesn’t sound too dissimilar to Downtown Abbey, does it? But this village is called West Heslerton, and it’s been owned by one family for the last 150 years. The last owner, Eve Dawnay, passed away in 2010 and had no heir to pass it onto, so now it’s up for sale.

“We’ve already had dozens of enquiries from all over the UK and abroad, and you know, from all different types of potential purchasers. It could well go to a third person individual or family, who have a lot of wealth, possibly celebrities, possibly investment-type buyers.”

But who would the residents of the village like to buy it?

“Well, just as long as we can carry on as we are, more or less, things like the progress going forward all the time, won’t they?”

“Somebody that’s got the money to do it, and likes what he sees?”

Whoever ends up lord of the manor, it’s hoped that, much like the owner before, they’ll carry on helping the community and providing cheap rents for the tenants.

Difficult words: let (to rent out), up for grabs (available), dissimilar (different), heir (the person next in line), enquiry (an act of asking for information).



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