Camels lived in Canada – level 3

Camels lived in Canada – level 3

15-03-2013 14:00

We all know that camels live in deserts. But that didn’t used to be true. Well, it may have been but millions of years ago they also lived in Arctic forests. That’s what Canadian scientists reckon. They found the bones of what they think was a giant camel living in northern Canada.

The scientists spent years putting the bones together when they tested the fragments they found the DNA match the modern camel, only these bits of bones were three-and-a-half million years old.

The giant camel may have looked like this. It didn’t have a problem with snow because it had really broad feet. That said it probably wouldn’t have snowed that much because the Arctic was a lot warmer then. Scientists reckon the giant camel disappeared during the last ice age as they looked for warmer places to live.

Interesting words: reckon (think), fragment (part).

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