Car falls into a sinkhole - level 3

Car falls into a sinkhole - level 3

04-12-2014 07:00

Nearly, nearly! There it goes!

Two men were lucky to escape injury, as their car was swallowed by a sinkhole in east China's Fujian province this week.

As seen in this street surveillance footage, the white car stops in the middle of the road, as its front wheel runs into the gargantuan pothole.

The driver and the passenger very wisely got out of the vehicle. A few minutes later, the road surface collapsed further and readily accepted the sedan, as it tumbled into the void.

The sinkhole, apparently caused by the collapse of sands beneath the road surface, opened up just half an hour before the incident, as a heavy truck passed over the affected roadway.

The road has now been blocked for repairs, which are expected to take a few days.

Difficult words: swallow (take in and cause to disappear), surveillance footage (security camera video), gargantuan (very big), pothole (space in a road surface), readily (easily), tumble (fall suddenly), void (an empty space).


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