Car hits a boy in Manchester - level 3

Car hits a boy in Manchester - level 3

18-09-2014 15:00

This is the shocking moment a hit and run motorist drove into an 11-year-old boy before making a getaway.

Footage released by Greater Manchester Police shows the driver of a turquoise Honda Civic swerve into the child, knocking him to the ground before driving away.

The incident, which could have been fatal, happened in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester last week.

Police are desperately trying to identify the driver, who they say shows a worrying level of apathy and regard for the young boy, who the driver left slumped in the middle of the road.

The schoolboy was taken to a nearby hospital and remarkably only suffered minor injuries.

He missed just one day of school.

Difficult words: turquoise (greenish-blue colour), swerve (move), fatal (deadly), desperately (to try really hard), apathy (no interest), regard (attention or concern for something), slump (lay), minor (small).


I read the comments on YouTube. Some people thought that the car hit the boy on purpose. Do you agree?

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