Car hits a man in Moscow - level 3

Car hits a man in Moscow - level 3

21-07-2014 07:00

This shocking video shows the moment a driver intentionally hit a man with his car in the middle of a street in Moscow.

The dashboard camera footage shows the driver, in a white BMW, speeding up behind a black Nissan.

The black Nissan then stops. The victim gets out, approaches the white car and appears to speak to the driver.

The victim then walks away but before he has a chance to get back in his car, the white BMW speeds up and hits him – almost crushing him in between both cars. The man can then be seen falling into the ground, clutching his leg. The driver then gets out of his car, examines his vehicle and drives away.

The video, originally posted on YouTube, has been passed over to Moscow police, who claim that an investigation has started and the driver of the BMW is being pursued.

Difficult words: intentionally (on purpose), dashboard (part in front of the driver in a car which has controls on it), footage (video), victim (somebody who’s been attacked), clutch (to hold something tightly), claim (say), pursue (try to catch).


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