Car hits a shop - level 3

Car hits a shop - level 3

21-03-2014 07:00

The front door windows burst open, but the shutter remains down. It provides some resilience against the stolen Vauxhall Vectra which is being reversed into this shop in Rochdale.

The glass flies in all directions, and then the shutter is peeled back and one of the robbers falls through.

As his accomplice holds the shutter back and keeps an eye out, the robber grabs what he can.

They got away with a number of computer consoles and other items from CEX on Yorkshire Street. The suspects were white. The guy holding back the shutter was wearing a hooded Adidas jacket with dark trousers.

Police say the car had been stolen two days before this robbery on Monday the 10th February when a woman was threatened with a large knife and keys demanded before the car was driven off at speed during a busy day at a supermarket. She was left unhurt.

Police say the robbers caused a huge amount of damage to the business, which will cost the same for the owners.

Difficult words: burst (break suddenly and violently), shutter (metal covers outside of the door), resilience (the ability to remain strong), keep an eye out (watch out for trouble), suspect (person who is thought to be a criminal).

Have you ever bought a stolen thing?

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