Car hits an old man in China - level 3

Car hits an old man in China - level 3

09-10-2014 07:00

The moment a crowd of people lifted a car in order to rescue an old man who was stuck under it in China.

Video footage shows the elderly man being knocked off his bicycle and run over by the car, as he attempted to cross the road in eastern China's Anhui Province, on Wednesday morning.

Police and passers-by crowded round the car and together helped lift it so they could pull the man out.

“I saw the accident happen just two meters away from a zebra crossing. When I got to him, I found that he was trapped under the car. I alerted the businessmen nearby and the passing taxi drivers, who took the initiative to stop. Together, we lifted the car and helped the elderly man out.”

The elderly man was taken to hospital and is in a stable condition.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Difficult words: run over (to knock a person or animal down and pass over their body), zebra crossing (a crosswalk), take the initiative (decide to do something).


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