Car jumping - level 3

Car jumping - level 3

08-01-2014 14:00

The sign says motorsport can be dangerous; a warning not heeded by drivers competing in Britain’s car jumping championship.

Thankfully, paramedics were in attendance.

Skeletal and soft tissue damage are a constant threat at the annual competition, which took place this year in southern England. The banger car drivers accelerate their cars over a ramp in an attempt to fly over a line of eighteen old wrecks. They have to land safely on the opposite side. Those that crashed in spectacular fashion got the biggest round of applause. Each attempt was judged on elevation, the reception from the crowd and of course distance.

Most attempts landed amongst the wrecks but the winner, Jordan Tribury, managed to swerve during his take off and landed safely with most of his car intact, even though he made a slight mistake of colliding with the recovery tractor at the end.

Whilst the winner gets no prize money, Tribury does earn bragging rights, a trophy, and a large round of beers from his mates.

Difficult words: heed (to pay attention to an advice or warning), paramedic (somebody who does medical work but is not a doctor or nurse), tissue (material forming animal or plant cells), banger car (old car made to smash into other cars), wrecks (broken cars), spectacular (very impressive), elevation (increase in height), reception (way in which people react to something), swerve (suddenly change direction), intact (not damaged), brag (talk proudly about what you have done), mate (friend).

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