Car went in deep river - level 3, A12

Car went in deep river - level 3, A12

03-05-2012 22:00

These two cars tried to cross a river. They could see the road on the other side of the river. The river was very slow but they didn’t know how deep it was.

When the first car went into the river, the driver realized very quickly that the river was very deep and his car started to float. The driver didn’t panic though. He kept the engine running.

When his friend saw what was happening, he reversed his car back and watched the whole situation. He couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t help his friend.

The river started to take the car away and water was going into the car. Many people would panic in this situation. There was more and more water in the car. The driver’s feet were already under water, but he kept the engine running. As the car was going down, it touched the bottom of the river again and started to go in the right direction.

In the end, the car reached the other bank of the river and both the people and the car were safe.

You can see the whole situation in the video.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: realize, float, bank.

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