Cardboard boat – level 3

10-05-2016 15:00

Can you build a boat entirely from cardboard? You might say “no”, these savvy recyclers say “of course you can!”

Over ten days, Harry Dwyer and Charlie Waller turned their dream of a cardboard houseboat into a reality, using around 300 old boxes they found in bins near their workshop.

“We’ve made some life jackets and we’ve put a normal outboard on the back, just a small one so hopefully it won’t rip the boat apart. And you just see here a couple bits of wood to clamp it on, and we’ve got our flag here on the back made from bubble wrap – yeah, it’s all from waste packaging.”

It certainly looks the part on land but what happens when it hits the water? You might think it turns into a soggy mess, but, well, you’re wrong again!

“Right now, it looks like it’s going to float but it might just go in and go straight down.”

This afternoon, the guys launched their boat into the Thames for the first time and all went to plan. So this weekend she will set sail down the river to London’s Xcel to launch Grand Designs Live. And the show’s presenter thinks the cardboard boat is not such a ridiculous idea.

“The thing is that actually boats are made of the most unlikely materials, steel, for example, which rusts in water, you know, and sinks in water – that wouldn’t be an obvious choice to build a boat out of it, really.”

Cardboard is probably not the obvious choice, either, but as Harry and Charlie have proved, it does work, and it’s probably the cheapest houseboat you’ll ever find.

Difficult words: savvy (knowledgable, skilled), outboard (an outboard motor), clamp on (to fix on, to put on), look the part (to look good), soggy (very wet and soft).



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