Cat Festival in Tokyo – level 3

Cat Festival in Tokyo – level 3

20-10-2016 15:00

The annual ghostly cat festival happened in Tokyo. Locals painted their faces, wore masks, or just popped on some cat ears to parade through an area famed for its love of cats.

Japanese designer Okameya Yuko organised the festival and said that she wanted to celebrate Halloween, autumn and cats all in one parade.

It seems that it was a hit, with one participant saying that it was amazing and impressive because people put a lot of work into their cosplays.

Japan is a country that loves cats – it introduced cat cafés and Hello Kitty to the world. There's even enough love for stray cats in Tokyo, which are a common sight. A person could say that Japan is a pretty pawsome place.

Difficult words: annual (happening every year), ghostly (mysterious, magical), cosplay (the word for “costume” from the Japanese language), stray (homeless), pawsome (this is a mix of two words: “paw” and “awesome”).

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Do you like cats?

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