Cat is sold with a house - level 3

Cat is sold with a house - level 3

21-10-2014 07:00

Would you give up your beloved family pet in order to get a better deal when selling your home?

Well, an Australian family managed to sell their house for an extra $140,000 by throwing their cat into the deal, too.

Michael and Fran Perceval's home was auctioned at the weekend but failed to sell.

However, following the auction, a bid was received for $2.2 million dollars, insisting Tiffany the cat came with the house.

“We jokingly said that all the people coming through were loving her, we said to the agent ‘well, she goes with the house, ha ha ha,' not expecting at all to actually have a clause written into the contract saying that includes the cat.”

The extra money clinched the deal and the five bedroom house was sold.

Reports say that the Percevals describe themselves as animal lovers, but we're not entirely sure how Tiffany the cat feels about that now.

Difficult words: beloved (cared and loved), bid (an offer of a price at an auction), insist (to want something and to fight for it), clause (rule), clinch (settle).


Would you sell your cat for $140,000?

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