Cats at G20 - level 3

Cats at G20 - level 3

20-11-2015 15:00

Security is at the forefront of the agenda at this year's G20 summit, but this particular security breach was unexpected, to say the least. Three cats, to be exact, roaming the stage before the event started.

Of the world leaders attending the summit, could one of them have lost their cat? It can't be David Cameron, Vladimir Putin or Barack Obama – they all have dogs. Maybe they're one of President Erdogan's precious pets?

We'll probably never know, but the public can rest easy, as the kittens were safely escorted off the stage before the world leaders gathered.

What we can say is Justin Trudeau and Dilma Rousseff appear not to have a cat allergy, so perhaps they are the mystery owners!

Difficult words: forefront (the most important position), agenda (a list of things to be discussed), summit (an important meeting), breach (breaking), roam (to move about), attend (to be present at), gather (to come together).


What do you think about the cats at the G20 event?

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