Cheap calling in France - level 3, A12

Cheap calling in France - level 3, A12

20-01-2012 23:00

Calling in France will be much cheaper. A new operator started its campaign with extremely low charges. For 20 euros a month, you can have unlimited calling and text messaging. It is much less than charges of its competition. This is a special offer for the first 3 million new customers. Basically, it is a revolution. Such services cost about 120 euros before.

The name of the operator is Free Mobile. When it came with its offer, thousands of people wanted to buy it over the internet and their website broke down. It was just too many customers at the same time.

It is OK now and a lot of customers are coming to Free Mobile and they are leaving their old operators. Old operators started to offer better charges too but it is too late. Customers are leaving them anyway.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: campaign, charges, break down, anyway.

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