Chemical attack in Syria - level 3

Chemical attack in Syria - level 3

27-08-2013 14:00

ITV News has obtained the first independent pictures of a devastating attack in eastern Damascus.

These shocking images show the aftermath of an alleged chemical attack. Bodies lie amongst the rubble, still holding onto each other-- a sign of those trying to escape. It was too late for this family, who were just one of hundreds if not thousands, killed in the alleged gas attack.

On another patch of ground is the remains of a missile, one of those thought to have delivered the poison gas.

Chemical weapons experts have agreed some kind of chemical attack took place, but are unsure whether it was caused by a nerve agent.

The opposition group says that more than a thousand have been killed; the Syrian army have denied the claims.

Difficult words: obtain (get), independent (objective), aftermath (situation after the attack), alleged (not proved to have happened), rubble (pieces of buildings), nerve agent (poison that attacks nerves).

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