Children saved from a car - level 3

Children saved from a car - level 3

10-03-2014 07:00

Three children have been rescued from a car after their mother allegedly drove into the sea in Florida. This footage, captured by a tourist, shows lifeguards and passers-by rushing to help. With the waves crashing against the car, they struggled to open its doors and reach the children.

But they eventually got in the boot and frantically pulled the children, who were 3, 9 and 10, through the back of the car. No one was seriously injured.

Paramedics treated the children and their mother on the beach and then took them to hospital. The mother is reported to have been undergoing a mental health evaluation when the incident happened. When the children were released from hospital they were turned over to the Florida Department for Children and Families. The submerged car was later towed from the ocean.

Difficult words: allegedly (it may or may not be true), rush (hurry), struggle (try very hard), boot (space at the back of a car), frantically (quickly and with panic), evaluation (making of a judgement), submerged (underwater), tow (pull).

What was the most dangerous situation in your life?

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