Children’s bad teeth – level 2

Children’s bad teeth – level 2

22-04-2016 07:00

A dentist in the UK had to take out all of the baby teeth from a two-year-old child because the teeth were rotten. Unfortunately, that child is not the only one with such problems.

It is a whole generation of children in the UK. In one year, dentists had to remove teeth from as many as 14,000 children aged 5 and under. This cost the National Health Service a lot of money and removing baby teeth leads to more problems later in a child’s life.

The reason for the children’s rotten teeth is unhealthy food. The Children are eating too much processed food and drinking fizzy drinks with a lot of sugar in them.

Doctors say that the parents need more information, so they know not what to give their children.

Difficult words: rotten (bad), processed food (food made in the factory, not fresh food), fizzy (with bubbles of gas).

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