Chimp escapes from a zoo – level 3

Chimp escapes from a zoo – level 3

19-04-2016 07:00

This chimp turned escape artist at a zoo in Northern Japan, scaling power lines in an attempt to get away. The 24-year-old male named Chacha was declared missing from the Yagiyama Zoological Park early in the morning after locals reported the primate roaming around their neighbourhood.

Dozens of workers and animal experts tried to coax the animal down using a cherry picker. But when that didn't work, a veterinarian shot Chacha with a tranquilliser gun. As this began to take effect, the chimp swung to another electricity pole and fell to where workers had gathered below with nets and sheets, but they failed to catch him.

Despite the seemingly painful fall, local media reported that Chacha has made a full recovery.

Difficult words: escape artist (someone who is very good at escaping), scale (to climb up or over), attempt (to try), roam (to move), coax (to make somebody do something), cherry picker (a thing often used by firefighters or builders which can move people up in the air safely), tranquilliser (a drug which makes you relax or sleep), gather (to come together).


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