Chimp knocks down drone - level 3

Chimp knocks down drone - level 3

21-04-2015 07:00

It looks like it’s not just humans who are concerned about their privacy when it comes to drones. A chimpanzee has been caught on camera knocking a drone to the ground by swatting the aircraft with a stick.

The drone was sent into the skies above the chimpanzee enclosure at Royal Burgers Zoo in the Netherlands. It was trying to take foot­age for a TV show. Program makers had hoped to capture the enclosure from above.

The chimpanzee is seen perched on a branch as the drone approaches. It then lashes out with a stick and scores a direct hit. The aircraft falls to the ground and the chimpanzee wanders over for a closer look. Once the chimp got hold of the camera, it captured a video selfie.

Difficult words: swat (to hit quickly), enclosure (an area with barriers such as walls or water to keep in animals), footage (video recording), capture (to record), perch (to sit on something narrow), lash (to hit quickly), score (to accomplish something), wander (to go but not knowing where you’re going), selfie (to record yourself in a picture or a video).


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