Chinese boy in a washing machine - level 3

Chinese boy in a washing machine - level 3

23-07-2014 15:00

A young boy in eastern China had to be rescued after he found himself stuck in a washing machine.

Firefighters had to cut the three-year-old free by opening up the back of the appliance using hydraulic shears.

They managed to remove the drum intact with the boy still inside and then lifted him out.

His parents said they were entertaining guests at home when the boy wandered off to the laundry room unsupervised. It wasn't until they heard him cry out, unable to move, that they knew where he was and that he was stuck. The child thankfully walked away without injury.

Difficult words: hydraulic (powered by water), shears (big scissors), drum (round part inside a machine), wander off (move away from a place), unsupervised (nobody was looking after him).


Why do Chinese get stuck so often?

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