Christmas Day swim - level 3

Christmas Day swim - level 3

05-01-2015 07:00

A number of swimmers have taken to the chilly waters of Hyde Park's Serpentine River for its annual Christmas Day swim.

Yep, choosing to slip in their swimsuits and trunks over a cozy Christmas breakfast, members of the Serpentine Swimming Club took the plunge and swam their traditional 100 yard (91 metres) Christmas Day race.

They braved the icy waters, which are usually below 4°C in the winter, so swimmers must become acclimatised over a period of time.

The annual Christmas Day race is watched each year by a crowd of hundreds who are probably more appropriately dressed for the cold conditions.

The group has met in London’s Hyde Park on Christmas morning since 1864 to compete in a Christmas Day swim. The first ever race was won by H. Coulter who won a gold medal, which then became a customary prize for the winner.

Difficult words: chilly (very cold), annual (happening every year), cozy (warm and comfortable), take the plunge (to do something which makes you nervous/ to jump in water), brave (to face something unpleasant), acclimatise (to get used to something).


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