Cockroach farm in China - level 3

Cockroach farm in China - level 3

03-10-2014 15:00

Mmmm, lovely cockroaches. Indestructible, nuclear bomb surviving lovely cockroaches.

Most people consider them at best a bit grim, at worst a massive pest. But not Tian Tinglei, who gave up his job in Liaocheng city to return to the country and live among the creepy crawlies.

He's actually become a bit of a fan of them, farming nearly one square mile of bugs. Apparently, he's become rather fond of their oily, shiny skin. Mmmmm!

A long-time a lover of creepy crawlies, the 32-year-old got the idea for a cockroach farm after a friend who worked in a pharmacy told him about the use of the bugs as a cheap source of protein and medication.

But, why, oh why, would you do it? Well, they sell for $16 a kilo, which doesn't sound like a lot, but means Tian is bringing in a fortune from his crop. Roach’s shells and oil are used in Chinese medicine to treat everything from heart disease to hepatitis and burns.

Unsurprisingly, however, many people aren't so keen on smearing themselves in roach oil, so it's not usually marketed as being, well, what it is.

Still, Tian seems pretty proud of his little buggy empire, and fair enough. Maybe when the world’s ended and he and his cockroaches are all that are left, he'll be the one laughing.

Difficult words: indestructible (cannot be destroyed), grim (not nice), pest (destructive insect that attacks people’s food), creepy (making you feel unwell), crawly (something which moves on four legs with its body close to the ground), roach (cockroach), hepatitis (a sickness when there’s something wrong with the liver), smear (cover).


Are you afraid of cockroaches?

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